Stage Your Home to Sell

Danton Properties PR is your one-stop shop for real estate solutions. If you want your home to shine in showings, you must stage--dress your house for sale. Staged homes sell much faster and for substantially higher prices than comparable homes that have not been similarly prepared for sale.


Our accredited staging professional provides staging advice as a free service to clients listing properties with Danton Properties PR. Our stager will bring in accessories such as throw rugs, mirrors, plants and lamps that will help to update and refresh your home. We will help rearrange your furniture to create an open flow to your home and may ask you to store away knickknacks to limit clutter.

Staging Tips

  • When staging your home, some important points to remember include: Walk through your home from an outsider’s perspective and remove all clutter from countertops.
  • Arrange your furnishings to make the home look as large as possible. This includes removing large pieces of furniture and ensuring that walkways are clear and open.
  • Refresh your walls! Clean your doorjambs and walls and add a fresh coat of paint if needed.
  • Give drive-by visitors a reason to look inside your home. Great curb appeal makes potential buyers want to stop and take a look around. Landscaping should be clean and manicured soou’ll make a great first impression.
  • Make a great first impression with a clean, fresh front door and welcome mat.
  • Eliminate personal photos to avoid distracting your clients. Let them imagine where their own family photos will go.
  • Outdoor elements, such as greenery and plants, liven up a home.
  • Dress up your bathroom with baskets of spa treatments including scented soaps, matching towels tied with ribbons or a few jars of moisturizers.
  • Potted plants on decks and patios can add color and make outdoor spaces more inviting.


Find out how Danton Properties PR can help you sell your home faster and for the best possible price. Our staging experts are just one of the many services we offer. Contact us today!